Congressman Knight Champions Awareness Legislation for Children with Cancer

January 30, 2018, Santa Clarita, CA–One year ago today, Congressman Steve Knight (R-CA-25) introduced with Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA-14) H.Res.69, the National DIPG Awareness Resolution to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.  The Resolution persists today, amid an intensive political landscape in 2018, for children with the deadliest pediatric brain…

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FACTOR 2018: MIB Agents Osteosarcoma Mission Full Speed Ahead

Ann Graham, CEO of MIB Agents–Make-It-Better-Agents–and osteosarcoma survivor, joins us to discuss the great strides in improving outcomes for osteosarcoma patients which her organization accomplishes as they move forward. The FACTOR Conference began last year in 2017 and was enormously successful in bringing top oncologists, clinicians, patient families and advocates…

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Shane and Shawnee Doherty: The Story behind “Hope through Hollis”

Shane and Shawnee Doherty discuss frankly their experience with their son Hollis who was diagnosed with DIPG in March of 2016. DIPG, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, is for all practical considerations a death sentence. The Doherty family showed an extraordinary solidarity out of the gate to endure the experience in…

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Portrait of a Mom: Quality of Life and Neuroblastoma, with Sarah Brewer

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Sarah Brewer knows the fear; through years of experience with her son Ben, diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at 2 years of age, her daughter Madeline just born, hers is a story of the most pervasive power of all:  love. Her family changed forever, but love and caring remain intact and reign supreme.

Hearing Sarah’s story of commitment and faith in the face of perilous uncertainty, for so long, is a testament to the preciousness of her son Ben in his brave fight, and to the importance of embracing the best in each moment–and insisting on it.
Sarahs blog documenting Ben’s awesome survival is at, a must-read for parents of children with cancer.

The podcast can be found online at:  (our podcast links are always case-sensitive)

You can listen to live TogiNet radio at  Childhood Cancer Talk Radio airs every Thursday at 4pm Eastern time, 1pm Pacific.

Taking it to the Hill: DIPG Advocacy Group promotes H.Res.69

December 5, 2017, Washington, D.C.–H.Res.69, the DIPG Awareness Resolution, is a simple House Resolution which raises awareness to the realities of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, perhaps the most deadly pediatric brain cancer.  It also raises awareness to general pediatric cancer and brain cancer statistics, the leading cause of death in…

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Real Solutions for Research Funding: NC3 Leads in Pennsylvania

Christopher Winters, President of NC3, the National Childhood Cancer Coalition, shares with us his work at the state level culminating 10/25 in the passage of HB46 in the Pennsylvania Legislature.  The bill creates the option for individuals to donate from their state income tax refund to pediatric cancer research.  In a…

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Outside the Box: Solutions for Kids with Target Pediatric AML

Julie Guillot and Dr. Soheil Meshinchi, an attending physician at Seattle Children’s Hospital treating children with high-risk leukemias, join us to discuss the innovative and exciting Target Pediatric AML program which promises genomic sequencing for targeted, effective treatment. Dr. Meshinchi oversees the world’s largest pediatric AML tissue repository, located at…

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‘Champion of Change in Precision Medicine’ Amanda Haddock, President of DragonMaster Foundation

Amanda Haddock spent 11 years of her working career in the non-profit sector and 12 years working in the technology industry, a self-proclamed “serial volunteer” whose son, David, succumbed to GBM in 2012 at the age of 18.  The doctors and researchers they encountered on that journey led her to…

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A Jog Around the Block for Brian Jones Becomes a National Sensation

The Run for the White House is a grassroots movement of runners and workout enthusiasts all rallying with their personal brand of activism to support awareness for childhood cancer, using the social media platform of Facebook to share their activities and motivations.  Brian Jones’s mission  with the Run for the…

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Go4TheGoal and the Historic Golden Steps for Pediatric Cancer

Beth Stefanacci and Carina Trenka join us to share their experience and agenda with Go4theGoal, founded in 2006 shortly after 13-year-old Richard Stefanacci was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. During his treatment, his family quickly became aware of the lack of assistance available to families battling pediatric cancers. Go4theGoal’s unwavering mission…

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