Because of Lauren…


Lauren Hill, 19, died on Friday, April 10 2014 after a very public, 16-month battle with DIPG.  In her fight, she began the victory against indifference to childhood cancer, and for awareness for DIPG–diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma–an invariably terminal pediatric brain tumor, in the midst of which thousands of families have had to helplessly watch their child die over the years.  She has been a voice for thousands of children who could not speak.  Currently, there are many families enduring the DIPG nightmare in our country.  The answer to the question as to why haven’t any effective therapies been developed in decades, has been consistently dismal:  “The ‘numbers’ aren’t great enough for research investors.”   In the United States of America, where there are annual tax-dollars allotted to cancer research at the National Cancer Institute, decisions are being made such that only 4% of that money is benefiting pediatric cancer research, THE most elusive and deadly of all cancers and most needy of research.  With more awareness this absolutely will change.  We are forever in your debt Lauren!  We will keep fighting this fight for you!

There is no excuse for the four percent number.  Because of Lauren’s outspoken fight, people are becoming more aware; one day within sight for some of us, we will have solutions for DIPG and other pediatric cancers.  Lauren raised over $1M, going on 2M, for DIPG research in a short period of time.

For more information about Lauren’s story, please follow this link:

“People can’t care if they’re not aware!” —Aimee Dickey, forever 12

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