Driven Change from the Road!


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Today’s show features Ronnie Duvall, “Driven Change” on facebook, one who truly walks the talk of his values.  Ronnie gave up his job and home to drive all 50 states in his quest for greater knowledge in how to create an organization which will truly address the needs of children with cancer and their families.  “Life is full of opportunities to make a difference; pick yours and never look back while being what you’re meant to be.”  Ronnie’s location will be a surprise as we connect this afternoon; for his most recent experiences, visit his page Driven_2Make_change on facebook.  A true activist, he lives and breathes telling the truth about a medical research system which is directed by profit and not so much for saving lives, and he doesn’t give up the fight to raise awareness for and change the meagre 4% afforded to childhood cancer research by the National Cancer Institute.  CCTR’s Hero of the Week!

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