(Copied this GMail letter to our Foundation from PAC2) on Wed. Dec. 7, 2016

Dear PAC2,

It’s been too long between communications, but you know we only reach out if your advocacy is really needed to help children with cancer!

Yesterday, the House passed the STAR Act!  You can read Congressman Mike McCaul’s press release about it here: STAR Act represents the most comprehensive piece of legislation ever for childhood cancer, and was accomplished by the entire childhood cancer community collaborating. Now, we must focus on the Senate.

Today is the second day of the legislative social media push, which will run either through the close of Congress later this week or until the STAR Act passes both the House and the Senate. Today, the childhood cancer community is going to try to move the legislation to the next step on the road to passage in the Senate. 



The push today will have three progressive targets:

Step 1–Senator Lamar Alexander (TN)

Step 2–Senate Leadership Senators McConnell, Reid, Alexander, and Murray

Step 3–Full Senate with focus on your state’s two Senators

Step 1

We will begin our push by targeting Senator Lamar Alexander (TN).  He chairs the H.E.L.P Committee where the bill lies.  We want him to take action and ask for the bill to be included in the unanimous consent calendar (UC). For this a phone call beats a tweet!

Please call his offices and ask that S.1883 be brought up for consideration on the UC calendar. Let’s ring the phone off the wall!

Lamar Alexander

In DC (202) 224-4944 

In Tennessee: (615) 736-5129 

If you have friends or family who live or work in Tennessee, please ask for their help, too. Constituents matter. A lot.  During a call:

● Remind the person that answers that they are a constituent

● Tell that person to tell Senator Alexander to forward S.1883 to the UC calendar.

● Ask them to please pass the STAR Act this week. Kids with cancer need them to take action!


Step 2

We will follow the specific push at Senator Alexander with a call to Senate leadership telling them it is “Time for the Senate to act.”

Please ask Senate Leadership (names and contact information listed below) to put the STAR Act (S.1883) on this week’s calendar and pass it!

 Step 3

The final stage today is to alert your own Senator to the Star Act and ask for their support.

  1. Check your state on the Senate co-sponsor map:
  2. If YOUR Senators already supports the STAR Act, thank them/call their office and ask that they support passing this bill before Congress dismisses on Friday
  3. If your Senator does not yet support the STAR Act, please CALL their DC and their state office and ask for their support

Thank you.  You have the power to make a difference.



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