Trailblazing to a Cure: DIPG-Treatment Advisory Council (G-TAC)

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G-TAC founder and Executive Director of MaxCure Foundation Jonathan Agin, and G-TAC Medical Advisory Board Member Dr. Sabine Mueller, top neuro-oncology researcher and clinical expert at UCSF, discuss a new concierge-type service for families of the newly-diagnosed with DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) to more expediently direct them to more effective combinatory therapeutic treatments to which they might otherwise not have access, or knowledge thereof. The current prognosis for DIPG is 9 months survival-time with treatment and options are extremely limited in our current landscape of medical research and clinical trials. The work of the Council or G-TAC is to continuously identify the most promising treatment modalities in terms of efficacy, timing, and collaborative and regulatory access, to accelerate and fine-tune decision-making regarding the treatment path for a DIPG child.

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