Roy’s Run for Christopher

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Who knew so much was beginning in Santa Clarita, CA, a medium-sized community with a significant influence and leadership in caring for others.  Childhood Cancer is not a comfortable subject for anyone, yet the unspoken rule of family is ingrained in certain members of this community, and it dominates here.  I’m talking about the Michael Hoefflin Foundation; I’m referring to Roy Wiegand, ultra distance runner for children with cancer, and specifically here, Christopher Wilke.  I’m talking about a movement for awareness that has local origins, regional popularity, and national recognition, always supporting H.Res.69., existing because of MHF in  a very important way; the foundation supported the family involved in advocating for this legislation.  Roy Wiegand plans a 131 mile run to benefit the foundation, for the love of Christopher Wilke, and his memory, that we may acquaint ourselves with this beautiful and inspiring young man and support the families in our Southern California community who are suffering the beginnings of this challenging journey of childhood cancer.

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