CannaKids with Tracy Ryan

Tracy Ryan at the Regional Cancer Moonshot Summit 6/29/2016

Sophie Ryan, daughter of Founder and CEO of CannaKids Tracy Ryan, inspired the birth of CannaKids. Sophie was diagnosed at 8 1/2 months old with an extremely rare brain tumor called an Optic Pathway Glioma; after using cannabis oil in combination with her chemo protocol, Sophie’s tumor shrunk by over 95%, a tumor for which doctors said minimal shrinkage would be a best-case scenario. Doctors also said Sophie would have partial if not complete blindness with zero chance of saving her vision. After successfully keeping most of her vision intact, Sophie has become a medical miracle.

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Tracy and her team at CannaKids have recently entered into collaboration with the Technion Institute in Israel where they are legally studying the effects of cannabinoids on many cancer types. CannaKids is sharing all of their patient data that they have been meticulously collecting. In addition to the research in Israel, CannaKids is in the planning phase with a major hospital in California and is expected to start in-hospital clinical trials on pediatric patients this year.

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