Outside the Box: Solutions for Kids with Target Pediatric AML

Julie Guillot and Dr. Soheil Meshinchi, an attending physician at Seattle Children’s Hospital treating children with high-risk leukemias, join us to discuss the innovative and exciting Target Pediatric AML program which promises genomic sequencing for targeted, effective treatment. Dr. Meshinchi oversees the world’s largest pediatric AML tissue repository, located at Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. He is also a full faculty member at Fred Hutch, a professor at University of Washington, and he is recognized as a leading expert in the genetics of pediatric AML. Dr. Meshinchi’s research focuses on identification of new biomarkers and targets in pediatric AML to speed more tailored, targeted therapies and creative treatment options to young patients.

tpAML inspiration, Zach

Julie Guillot lost her son Zach to pediatric AML and it’s current torturous treatment process. It’s her mission to change this by assuring that all children have access to tissue repository and genomic testing for more humane, effective treatment and to provide hope for all deadly pediatric disease with this new model for research and funding espoused by the Target Pediatric AML Program.

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