A Legacy of Love and Hope: Julianna Sayler Foundation

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Stacie Sayler of Walla Walla Washington tells the story of a happy family of 5 on a small farm, Eric Sayler the father is a pastor, and mom home-schools her children.  One day everything changed when Stacie noticed her daughter’s eye was not tracking properly. Julianna was diagnosed shortly thereafter with a deadly brain cancer of which the family had never heard, and they were told to just go home and make memories as she probably would not live another year.

Determined to find answers for herself and for those children yet to be diagnosed, Julianna and her parents embarked on a journey around the world in search of a potential or future cure. Julianna fought long and hard but the virulently aggressive tumor took her life just 9 months after her diagnosis, experimental treatments at the Harley Street Clinic in London, England, and in Monterrey Mexico.

The Julianna Sayler Foundation helps families pursue their dreams of a cure, and shares Julianna’s unending love and faith in the goodness of life.

Pictured left:  Julianna just before diagnosis, and then 3 months afterwards.

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