Facebook Post to Ryan Gosling

January 4, 2019, Agua Dulce, CA–I sent this note to Ryan Gosling on Facebook, hoping that somehow it would reach him:

Hi Ryan, hoping this is actually your page. I just wanted you to know about an important awareness movement for the childhood cancer community, specifically for brainstem glioma–DIPG, the tumor Karen Armstrong died of.

Ryan I should have prefaced this by saying, as an actress, and as a DIPG mom, your performance was truly wonderful in First Man. Because this is the 50th anniversary of the moonwalk, your support, in whatever way you decide would be appropriate, could make all the difference in the world to our DIPG and greater childhood cancer community. Brain cancer is the #1 killer of our children with cancer yet remains one of the least-funded areas of research by our federal government and medical research industry. DIPG is responsible for most of the pediatric brain cancer deaths each year in our country, yet there has been no change in the standard treatment of care nor it’s death sentence in over 50 years.

I actually live near LA–I’m up in Agua Dulce, home of Jack’s Angels Foundation which began this movement for a national day for DIPG in 2014 with the first ever resolution in California for DIPG. My son Jack died of DIPG in 2012, and I was outraged from the gate that there were no solutions for him because, “the numbers aren’t great enough for investors.” Well, we have an army of people now pushing for the DIPG Awareness Resolution to pass–but we need help raising awareness. Please contact me at 661-977-3125 or jacksangels1@gmail.com if you think you might want to help us. And God bless you in your career and your life ahead! Happy 2019

Thank you for sharing this picture with your followers on Facebook for the New Year!


Janet Demeter

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