Outside the Box with No Return: The Extraordinary Story of Hayley Hinton

Randy Hinton joins us from Summerville SC to discuss the circumstances surrounding his daughter Hayley’s diagnosis with brain cancer and the difficulties the family had in procuring effective and consolidated treatment for her. The controversial Burzynski Clinic in Houston TX takes center stage, as does Texas Anderson at Houston and the Children’s Hospital in South Carolina where Hayley was diagnosed with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma at the age of 5. Randy’s experiences make clear 3 points of contention that many parents have with our medical research system:

1. numbers and profits rule, not saving lives

2. promising alternative therapies are dismissed and not investigated

3. Actual cases of survival with alternative treatments are in some cases silenced and sent into exile, again without any investigation into causes and conditions of disease.

A provocative discussion to say the least, please stay tuned for our follow-up show with Randy and an actual long-term survivor of DIPG.

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