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–Supporting DIPG Research and “Action Days” for the National DIPG Awareness Resolution


Throughout 2017:  “Virtual Relay for Jack”

–from anywhere in the world, on your time! 

Charles Keller, Scientific Director of cc-TDI: Learn more about “Jack’s 12 Pebbles” research project HERE.  News:  research is progressing with the Oregon Institute of Technology team with the prototype!

Virtual Uberthons   #CureDIPG #runforDIPG     Register

With Virtual Uberthons, run/walk anywhere at a convenient time for you, and receive a number, stop watch and an amazing medallion with your registration!  All in support of DIPG Awareness and Research!   Visit www.CureDIPG.info

ACTION DAYS!  Week of the 17th of each month of 2017

With your registration you receive a beautiful medallion, a stop-watch, and official race bib. We encourage you to run or walk anytime in 2017, or help support National DIPG Awareness by advocating and posting on the week of the 17th of the month!   Post your selfies on Virtual Uberthons and on Facebook in support of National DIPG Awareness Day!  Instructions are available for calling/writing your Congressional Representatives in support of the Resolution; for now, just write or call your Representative if you are so inclined.


Summer 2017 14,000 ft project. Mountain Climb

The decision has been made to postpone the run and 14,000 ft. literal “Summit” until summer 2017  for the greater success of the event and for all concerned participants and supporters!   The new project description and promotion will be available Wednesday, March 1 2017.  We will be inviting DIPG parents, researchers, and any dignitaries concerned with vanquishing this terrible disease that has been killing children with certain regularity for over 50 years.  And attention runners!  We need a few good runners for pediatric cancer to brave the 1000 mi awareness run!


Everett Smith, aka Raggedy Crown Advocate for Children with Cancer, takes on the 1000 mi r


Janet Demeter last August running on Santa Monica beach for DIPG Awarenes

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 For Immediate Release

June 10, 2016 Los Angeles CA–Tomorrow the Angel Runner hits the pavement of Garden Grove and Anaheim in memory of Katie King, aka Katherine the Brave, a little 7-yr old girl from Placentia who, sadly, succumbed to DIPG on 6/6/2016 around 7:30pm in her home, surrounded by those who loved her.    Katie’s case was extraordinary and extremely valuable to public awareness in that her mother, Jaime King, was insistent upon sharing the details of their journey with DIPG, the deadliest pediatric brain tumor, responsible for 80% pediatric brain tumor deaths, on Facebook publicly.

With the hope of further amplifying their message, Jack’s Angels Runner will be carrying signs today in protest of the current medical research system in its neglect of those most needing of solutions, children with brain tumors, for some 50 years.  Neil Armstrong’s daughter died of DIPG in 1062; treatment has changed little, and prognosis remains invariably terminal.   With uncanny regularity, parents are expected to accept that their children’s lives are too few to matter to our medical research system, which is completely profit-driven.

The runner also wears a hat sign asking people to visit HRes586.com, a page on Jack’s Angels Foundation’s website which gives directions for supporting the new awareness bill, HRes586.  HRes586 was introduced by Steve Knight (R-CA-25) to the House of Representatives 1/13/2016; it asks for more consideration for the deadliest cancers and for children with the National Cancer Institute research grant process.  The run also begs the question, “who will stand up for these children?”, and “Where have all the activists gone?”

For more information about Katie’s journey, visit her Facebook page at:www.facebook.com/KatherineTheBrave/  For more information about HRes586, a local triumph for childhood cancer awareness needing your support, visit:  moonshothttp://hres586.com.  Jack’s Angels Foundation site is www.jacksangels.org.  All interested in having a voice in Vice President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Initiative are invited to attend the Cancer Moonshot Regional Summit for Los Angeles on June 29, 2016 from 9am-1pm at The Masters College, 21726 Placerita Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91321.  For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/events/538412273035079/, or call Jack’s Angels Foundation at 661-977-3125.

Staff, Jack’s Angels Foundation, 32520 Wagon Wheel Rd., Santa Clarita, CA 91390; 661-977-3125, 818-400-2724  mobile; @JacksAngels1  /  jacksangels1@gmail.com


Southern CALIFORNIA RUN for DIPG HRes.586:  Chad and Jack’s DIPG Resolution 4/20-24

Support HRes.586 today! To follow the RUN or sign-up, go to bit.ly/HRes586-run.  Don’t want to run, but support this activity?  Click here.

Run schedule, info, sign-ups

From Bakersfield to Huntington Beach, this run features Ultra-Distance Runners for Childhood Cancer Awareness!  We’re running in support of HRes586, that there be more consideration for low-survival rate cancers and years of life lost in the NCI research grant process.  Right now, children diagnosed with the deadliest of cancers are told there are no solutions for them because basically their lives are insignificant to our current medical research and research investment system.  April 20-24, 200 miles from N8 Foundation for pediatric brain tumor research in Bakersfield, CA past Jack’s Angels Foundation for DIPG in Agua Dulce, down to the MaKenna Claire Foundation for pediatric brain tumor research in Huntington Beach, CA!  Childhood Cancer Talk Radio takes the show on the road Thursday, April 21 to interview the runner/activists about their cause.

Sign-up to run for N8 Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation in Bakersfield, Jack’s Angels near Santa Clarita, CA, and McKenna Claire Foundation in Huntington Beach:  bit.ly/HRes586-run
DAY 1: Bakersfield to Arvin
DAY 2: Arvin to Lake Hughes
RELAY FOR JACK May 28, 2016 Celebrates HRes586 and supports a research project for DIPG at the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute.  To Register for the 8-hour ultra-distance relay (you can run/walk any distance) visit: RelayforJack.Eventbrite.com for  more information.

RELAY FOR JACK Sat. May 28, 2016

We are celebrating the FIRST EVER National DIPG Awareness Week, May 22-29!  Tell your Representatives to sign HR586, calling for more consideration for low survival rate cancers and years of life lost in the NCI research grant process.  Benefiting pediatric brain tumor research exclusively, Relay for Jack boasts the scenic trails of Vasquez Rocks Natural Area in Agua Dulce, CA.  It features an 8 hour ultra-distance relay on a 2.5 mile repeatable course and a 1/2 mile course for kids and shorter distance runners.  First wave begins at 8am with our ultra-distance runners, followed by 3 more waves according to registration numbers 2 weeks prior to the relay.  Currently, the leading cause of cancer-related death in children is the least-funded area of cancer research by our US Government.  Children with DIPG don’t have time to wait for a cure; help us power the solution!  Event supports “Jack’s 12 Pebbles” research project for DIPG at cc-TDI.


Register here!

Fundraising Websites – Crowdrise


 yellowbusNext Run!–The FINISH of 4ANOTHER‘s CROSS-the-USA RUN

is joined by JACK’S ANGELS Run for a National Day for DIPG and Childhood Cancer Runners BRIAN JONES and BECKY ROSS MUDD–andthe historic REBUFF of the Childhood Cancer Awareness Vigil at the White House is REPRISED 10/17 at Topanga State Beach, 7pm.

Full ARTICLE click the date:  Monday, October 5, 2015, Santa Clarita CA—John McKay and Everett Smith began their cross-country run on June 6, 2015 in Virginia Beach, VA, and their final two days of the journey brings them through Santa Clarita with local runner Janet Demeter of Jack’s Angels Foundation, finishing at the Santa Monica Pier on Saturday, October 17.  McKay and Smith run for 4Another, a charitable organization devoted to raising awareness for the urgent need for research funding for pediatric cancers.  They try to meet and greet as many afflicted families as possible, and visit hospitals, bringing hope and a sense of togetherness to all they meet during their events.  Becky Ross Mudd, who ran across the State of California for Childhood Cancer Awareness, and Brian Jones, coordinator of “The Run for the White House for Childhood Cancer Awareness” will be joining the party on October 16th–through the Santa Clarita Valley– and 17th as the runners approach the finish at Santa Monica Pier.  Maybe we’ll all jump in the water!

WHITE HOUSE VIGIL for Childhood Cancer

It’s “take two” of the CureFest Candlelight Vigil for Childhood Cancer originally scheduled for September 19, which was unfortunately booted out of LaFayette Park quite unceremoniously by the Secret Service, the reasons for which were never made clear.  To take a step closer to my personal experience, it was a paranoiac guessing game; when I asked if there was a security compromising situation, the answer was, “what situation?  Who said there was a situation?”  That’s how that went.  There was no good excuse, and to add insult to injury there was no apology from the President, but from the Secret Service, directly beholden of course to the President.  He should have gotten all the kids ice cream.  So there’s a re-scheduled Vigil for October 17, coincidentally the same day the runners finish their cross-country run, so we’re all going up to Topanga State Beach around 7pm to have an amazing time honoring all the brave children fighting and those who have given their lives to the fight.

About the RUN for DIPG

poster2squareThe full press release can be found at:  http://www.prweb.com/releases/2015/08/prweb12922869.htm  The DIPG Awareness Runs embody Jack’s Angels desire to see a National Day for DIPG in the United States.  Motivated by the continuing grief of now thousands of Americans, updated by hundreds each year, Jack’s Angels runner channels her exasperation and sadness in a fight for more awareness for those stricken by this disease.  “It’s time for these children and their families to be a National Priority,” states Janet Demeter,”and for effective action to be taken.  Karen Armstrong (Neil Armstrong’s daughter), Lauren Hill-honored at the ESPY Awards but DIPG was never mentioned–and little AJ Peterson, who died this year along with Lauren Hill, Michael Mosier, who inspired one of the most dynamic foundations for DIPG yet, passing away this year… it’s not so rare and children are dying with regular frequency and with no exceptions. It’s time for them to know, really know they’re not just a number anymore.  That won’t happen until we prioritize researching diseases with a regular frequency of incidence and 0% survival rate.  Brain tumors are the leading cause of cancer-related death yet one of the least-funded areas of research by our Federal Government.”

 Curefest Welcome and White House Vigil was on Saturday, Sept. 19.

Unfortunately the White House Vigil, including over 700 people–many of whom were children undergoing treatment for cancer, were shut out of LaFayette Park onto the street by the Secret Service.  No formal apology came from the President, but the Secret Service finally made an apology September 21, which can be found at the Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/social-issues/cancer-stricken-children-and-their-parents-ejected-from-park-near-white-house/2015/09/20/416665a4-5fd5-11e5-9757-e49273f05f65_story.html 


On Friday, September 18 is the Summit for the Congressional Caucus for Childhood Cancer, 9am at the Visitors Center of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.  Jack’s Angels has a tour scheduled of the White House at 11:30am, followed by a 2:30pm briefing for Childhood Cancer.

We're GOING!

We’re GOING!


On Sunday Sept. 20th, on the National Mall, will be gathering organizations and individual advocates for Childhood Cancer Awareness to rally for more funding for research for our children.  www.curefestdc.org


Slide3September 19 “JUST SAY IT!” Run for National DIPG Awareness Day, Washington D.C.

The run begins and ends at the White House, beginning at 10am and ending with an extra 3 laps around the gardens and lawns bordered by 15th and 17 Streets NW, Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues.  All are welcome!


September 12, “Kids RIDE NATIONWIDE for Childhood Cancer Awareness” Event in Sacramento!

Beginning at the Rally for Childhood Cancer at the South Lawn of the State Capitol Building in Sacramento, CA, at 10am, this run will take one of three loops below, or combination–runner’s choice!– then finish by circling the Capitol several times.

9/6 DIPG and Childhood Cancer Awareness BEACH RUN! 6 mi


Event page

Sunday, Sept. 6 at 10am celebrating Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and running for a National DAY for DIPG, 6 mi along Venice and Santa Monica Beach, ending at the Santa Monica Pier.  Call 661-977-3125 for more information, or email jacksangels1@gmail.com if you’d like to run with us–or just show up!!  We’re starting at the Venice Beach Boardwalk running up through surf and sand, past the SM Pier, up Santa Monica Beach just past the “Beach Club”, turning around at the Annenburg Beach House, and back to the Santa Monica Pier to finish(on the beach), a total of 6 mi.

 memorialrun8/30 Jack-Jack Memorial Run for DIPG and Childhood Cancer Awareness–11 mi

Sunday August 30 at 10am, heralding September as Childhood Cancer Awareness month!  We’re asking ALL to visit our petition page to read about our campaign for a National DIPG Awareness Day www.credomobilize.com/p/DIPG.  The run goes at 10am from Canyon Country Park to Central Park in Santa Clarita, and Jack’s Angels runner will don the angel wings bedecked with ribbons of over 100 children, carrying a sign, the first of four runs culminating in the Run for a National Day for DIPG in Washington DC on Sept. 19, details to be announced.


BraydenmichaelhsThe next DIPG Awareness RUN celebrates DIPG AWARENESS WEEK IN CALIFORNIA!

Sadly, Michael and Brayden just passed away over the May 17th weekend.  The Run May 25, 2015 will be dedicated to them and all DIPG children.  The run thanks Assemblyman Scott Wilk for ACR 151 and celebrates California’s leadership in raising awareness for DIPG, and the thousands of families who have had to helplessly watch their child die, for decades now.  This awareness demands change.  DIPG is responsible for roughly 80% of pediatric brain tumor deaths, the leading cause of cancer-related death in children.  Since cancer is the leading cause of death in children after accidents and injury, parents everywhere are demanding a change in the way these cancers are categorized, that the value of life may precede short term investment profits for corporations.  Currently, almost every childhood cancer is marginalized as rare by the NIH and NCI, and thus receives inadequate research funding.

IMG_0138POSTER2Roughly 100 children will be named in a video preceding the run, each child is represented with his/her favorite color ribbon on the runners angel wings.  We are asking those in our community and beyond to tweet the President during the run, and during DIPG Awareness Week May 25-31 to declare a National DIPG Awareness Day.  Thank you for your support!  President Obama:  @POTUS   Jack’s Angels:  @JacksAngels1



AJ Peterson


Nathan Street

Nathan Street

We are sad to announce that AJ Peterson and Nathan Street died last week.  Our run 2/28 is dedicated to them.  Press Release




firstnotlastPediatric Cancer research as a whole is underfunded–only 4% of the NCI’s annual budget for cancer research goes to pediatric cancers.  DIPG is an example of a pediatric cancer that has been marginalized as rare, yet is a common pediatric brain tumor, responsible for 80% of pediatric brain tumor deaths annually in the US.  We are running for awareness of this fact, and also for the unacceptable reality that governs decision-making for research investment:  short-term corporate profits  tend to precede our children’s lives as matter of priority.

Why are we running?  helpfightDIPG

AWARENESS for DIPG and pediatric brain tumors, and the unacceptable reality that the leading cause of cancer-related death in children (brain tumors) remains one of the least-funded areas of cancer research.  DIPG has no survivors, and no significant progress to that effect in over 30 years.

Upcoming Run SCHEDULE:  

Saturday, 2/28 at 10am, across Los Angeles from the Mattel Children’s Hospital in Westwood to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles on Sunset Blvd, home of the “for Jack” DIPG Research Fund.

Finished Runs:

Sunday 2/22 12pm, across the Santa Clarita Valley, from Magic Mountain(I5 and Magic Mountain Pkwy) to Vons at Sand Canyon Rd and the 14.

Talin Tye

Talin Tye

The Washington D.C. RUN for DIPG Awareness was on Wednesday, September 17th at 4pm starting at the Capitol Building!

Click MAP to see!

AND the Walk, Saturday September 20th, began at the White House at 2pm travelling to the National Stadium, and then the return begins at 6pm to the White House for the Vigil at 7:30pm.

Aimee Dickey

Aimee Dickey

For Whom do we angelrunnerwalk/run?   John Bradley Thompson, Naithan Sizemore, James-William “Jack” Demeter, Cole Marshall, and Jessie Rees, Aimee Dickey; a partial list can be found below.  All of these children have succumbed to the current fate that DIPG children face with their families, hence the angel wings are worn.

Naithan Sizemore

Naithan Sizemore

John Bradley ThompsonOrange–John Bradley Thompson  www.thinkjohnbradley.com

Blue–Nathan Street(d.2/27/2015); facebook page, Nathan’s Army Against DIPG
Purple–Savannah Herbert (neuroblastoma, died  2/4/2015)
Blue–Joey Fabus, born 2/22, PA’s DIPG Awareness Day!
RED–Arthur and Peter
Camouflage, Gator’s orange and blue--Naithan Sizemore www.caringbridge.com/visit/natedog
Yellow–James-William “Jack” Demeter 08/30/08–7/30/12
Red–Cole Marshall
Light Blue–Jessie Rees www.jessie.org
Pink–Aimee Dickey www.aimeesarmy.com
Deep Pink–Tiara Caleb
Dark Blue–Chase Kerr
Blue–Chase Cross 5/30/01–4/25/12; he was 10
Very Orange–Sammy
Sparkly Pink–Elena (Inspired The Cure Starts Now Foundation)
Yellow–Talin Tye –loved gold and yellow
Yellow–Paul Coleman
Cinderella Blue, turquoise blue-– Tatumn (was just 4 when she passed)
Chloe-Marie–pink and purple
Zoey–pink, purple, and red
Kera Noelle Goar–purple
And now as of Feb. 2015 we have some 50+ more…
**All of these precious children died of DIPG, Kera Noelle Goar 5/25/14–and John Bradley Thompson April 9, 2014, among many others this year.  He was diagnosed and first treated at Children’s Hospital Boston, under the care of Dr. Mark Kieran, director of the neuro-oncology center, before his treatment began at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  John was beloved by his family, community, and the world online community via www.thinkjohnbradley.com.  His story remains an inspiration, and we walk with them in their grief.   We will be running with an orange flag for John–his favorite color.
 The Boston Run was dedicated to John 6/8/2014.  This run in Washington is for all.

Our first Awareness Runs and Walks

IMG_1950The “First Ever” Jack’s Angels City Run  for DIPG Awareness was the Boston Run Sunday June 8, 2014, to make a start, with the hopes of traveling to Washington D.C. for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September.

IMG_1241The Los Angeles City Walk for DIPG awareness traveled from the Federal Building on Wilshire Blvd, to end  at  the Santa Monica Pier, on Saturday August 30th.  This just happens to be Jack’s birthday, Jack’s Angels’ namesake, and we celebrated with cake and playing at Pacific Park on the Pier!


Boston Run


Create Maps or search from 80 million at MapMyRun
Time of Run:  Sunday, June 8, 5pm Eastern Standard Time/   Who’s Running?  Janet Demeter, and possibly some runners from a local running club–hoping anyway!  Starting at:  44 Commonwealth Ave, right above Berkeley St. in front of the Public Gardens, and finishing at:  Boston Marathon Finish at Copley.  Distance, approximately 5.1 miles.

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