Music for Jack

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This is Jack’s Song, “In your love”   

Musical Benefit Concert  NEWSFLASH–    Our featured artists bios can now be found by clicking the artist picture banner below, or on the page menu above,  with classical, contemporary, rock and roll, and “Jack’s Young Artists”!  See concert page for full details.


Jack’s Angels “Music for Jack” program is currently under development as a forum for musical artists, especially young artists, to present pieces of music made available for download to the public to help us raise awareness for our cause.

    Another project in the works is a music workshop for children!  We are collaborating with Center Stage Opera to develop, beginning Fall 2014, the beginnings of a versatile children’s choir with strong fundamental musicianship training,  vocal technique, ensemble values, and familiarization with a variety of musical genres, including opera, of course.   We are very fortunate to have a community opera company like Center Stage Opera, a unique cultural resource and support for emerging young artists.  For more information about Center Stage Opera, visit: