Relay for Jack!

“Run the Rocks!” Jack’s Angels Relay for Kids

Sunday, April 30, 2017 at Vasquez Rocks County Park 

Funding Creativity and Innovation in Pediatric Cancer Research

Run and support Jack’s 12 Pebbles Research Project at cc-TDI!

CELEBRATING HRes586:  more consideration for low-survival rate cancers and years of life lost with NCI research grants

–>  Supporting:  Jack’s 12 Pebbles Research Project at cc-TDI, Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute

Our 2017 Relay for Jack fundraising campaign will begin September 2016 with opportunities locally to form teams and come run or hike the Vasquez Rocks!  Proceeds from our event will benefit an important research project for DIPG at the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute, a non-profit biotech devoted to eradicating childhood cancer by partnering with parents, foundations, and pharmaceutical companies.  The 2017 event is slated for Sunday, April 30 2017 heralding Brain Tumor Awareness Month, and the upcoming National DIPG Awareness Week, May 21-28.  (HRes586)

Pre-Registration begins at Agua Dulce Country Fair, Saturday September 17

2016 event:

May 28 2016 :   Event Program complete with Angel Awards

Information:  Action Days and Activism for HRes586

All kids: Cherub,  $10 any distance;  $30 Gold <=5mi  $50 Angel  5mi -10mi…$100 Archangel 10 mi ++

SUPERHERO PROMOTION:  Adults and kids!  

Dress as your favorite superhero! send pics to our Facebook Page:

–Your participation merits SUPERHERO STATUS for helping your peers with brain cancer!




Full description Jack’s 12 Pebbles

Why Relay for Jack?  –ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


Only 4% of the Federal Government’s budget for cancer research benefits pediatric research.

We want to not only create a trend in events committed to funding urgently needed research to save children’s lives, but also to encourage our government and larger cancer organizations in the United States to greater support to pediatric research.    We believe that with more awareness for our children with brain cancer for whom there are currently no solutions, funding for pediatric research will receive more consideration, and that it will be consensual among Americans that the resulting advances in medicine, biology, and survival rates for our children are worthy of this increased consideration.  There has been no progress for our children with brain cancer in modern clinical record, spanning well over the last 50 years.


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