DIPG Mountain Climb


New project description coming soon!

Rescheduled for 2017

The 2017 decision is for the success of the event and for all concerned participants and supporters!  In order to make our climb especially meaningful, we will be gathering parents, researchers, all concerned with DIPG and pediatric cancer to come together to make a statement for our kids.  This event is a joint production of Kira Spedale Foundation and Jack’s Angels Foundation,  and is slated for summer 2017.

#Moonshot4kids is a campaign to prioritize pediatric cancer research with our Government funds; HRes586 is the only  bill that directly asks for more consideration for low-survival rate cancers and years of life lost in the NCI research grant process.

Next Relay for Jack will be Sunday, April 30 2017!  “Run the Rocks!”, part of the new Jack’s Angels Relay for Research Series at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area, features a 5k, 10k, and kids 1k race for a great cause:  pre-clinical research for diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, the deadliest pediatric cancer, with cc-TDI (Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute).


Everett Smith tackles the 1000 mi 8/16/2016

DIPG mom turns runner activist

RESEARCH:   we are supporting the Jack’s 12 Pebbles microchip project, part of a greater Project of Therapy Combination Determination for DIPG, involving cc-TDI and the Children’s Oncology Group.  Overview description is available here:  Grassroots Matters  $75,000 prototype

Why the Statement?  Four percent is still not enough.

The Cancer Moonshot Initiative is “business as usual” for pediatric cancer and does not address the 3.8% of the research budget allotted to pediatrics by the National Cancer Institute. We in the Childhood Cancer Advocacy Movement have been shouting for a Moonshot for our children with cancer for years. Excited to hear about the Vice President’s Initiative with restrained skepticism, we have come to discover that there is still no acknowledgement of the fact that our children on cancer’s death row are largely ignored by the medical research system. If it doesn’t promise immediate profit for pharmaceutical companies, it doesn’t seem to happen. There are many excuses–as to why it’s really “ok” to not invest in these children’s lives. What was the purpose of the Moonshot Initiative again?  Most scientists agree that if we were to figure out those cancers most elusive of our current science we would be on our way to curing cancer. Do we do it?

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