Jack Box

Jack’s Angels 2015 

the "Jack box"

the “Jack box”

The “for Jack” DIPG Research Fund was established in September of 2013, thanks to the efforts of the Mod Hatters of Acton, a charitable organization that gives to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles annually.   We are continuing our “Count to a Million!” campaign by offering ‘Jack boxes’ for your office or storefront business in Southern California.  Every 6 months, the change will be collected and pooled for a deposit to the DIPG research fund at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles by Jack’s Angels.  This way, we can ensure the support of the fund; still in our beginnings, we are solely reliant upon the generosity of donors.

helpfightDIPGJack boxes help us raise awareness for DIPG, which is responsible for 80% of pediatric brain tumor deaths, brain tumors being the leading cause of cancer-related death in children.  Even so, pediatric brain tumor research is one of the least funded fields of cancer research.  Your support is very important to us.  We would like to encourage other individuals and organizations, while we are currently based in southern California, to support their local/regional children’s research institution with a DIPG research fund, or neuro-oncology research program.   Finding solutions to DIPG is a collaborative process, and it’s important to support your local/regional research institution with an active program.


The TOP of the box looks like this:TOP

The FRONT of the box looks like this:

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