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 Virtual Relay for Jack celebrating NATIONAL DIPG AWARENESS DAY!  In support of H.Res.69, and its ultimate passing the House, the event remains open throughout 2017

With your registration, you receive a beautiful commemorative medallion for the first DIPG Awareness Day.  Even if H.Res.69 passes after the fact, it will be retro-active, and also be in force for years to come henceforth.  May 17 2017 is truly an historic day for pediatric brain cancer!

Our beloved local supporters in the Acton-Agua Dulce, Santa Clarita Valley, and Antelope Valleys:

¬†Ellyn Miller and “Gabriella Miller Kids First Act” on Childhood Cancer Talk Radio¬†1/21/16


1450307_664279223698528_1267853157448438887_n2016 SANTA COLORITA RUN and “SKIP FOR JACK!” Feb. 13

It’s the Third Annual Santa Colorita 5k and 2nd ever “Skip for Jack!” at Castaic Lake Recreation Center in Castaic, CA! ¬†For registration, sponsorship, and event information, visit: ¬†


BLUE1Funding Creative Solutions for DIPG

Our goals for¬†2020 include creating¬† research funds of $1M for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ DIPG Research Fund, and California researchers in the Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium.

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