Hearts for Jack

Sewing/Craft Project

We include a winged heart in each “Angel Box” we assemble for DIPG children as part of Project Angel Box.  They are available by request from DIPG families also.  For those wishing to volunteer, we have fabric, volunteer tag, ribbon, and stuffing  available for crafting.   If you would like to schedule a time and place for picking up the volunteer project for yourself or a group, or having us send them to you, just call us or email us for arrangements.  PLEASE acquaint yourself with the directions and pattern FIRST by downloading them here if you plan on doing the project.  The pattern must be drawn onto the “wrong side” of the fabric first before the craft is assembled.   Contact Janet at 661-977-3125 for more information.

A complete list of needed supplies is on our directions sheet.

Important:  follow the directions sheet, and, when tracing your pattern on the fabric, be aware that “wrong-side is up” for the markings.  Do NOT use a sharpie or bold indelible ink pen.  Use ball-point or washable fine marker to trace your patterns and mark your fabric.  The pattern is in the shape of the material upon which it will be lain for tracing and cutting.

Patterns and directions are available below, subject to the following condition:

toi1Please note that this is a demonstration version only of Jack’s Angels winged-heart and may not be reproduced for any other purpose than for this project.  We have modified Haan Craft pattern #939 to our specific needs, and we are not the authors of this original craft, which can be ordered at www.haancrafts.com.  Your download indicates a signature submitting to this condition.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Directions     Pattern I     Pattern II





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