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 Special Exhibit at “Relay for Jack!”, May 28 2016


Vasquez Rocks County Park, 10700 Escondido Canyon Rd., Agua Dulce CA 91350

IMG_1706Local Agua Dulce artist Terry Sonntag presents a wonderful exhibit of Vasquez Rocks art in the Interpretive Center at Vasquez Rocks County Park, opening at 9am, and closing at 3pm.  Also included in the exhibit will be angel block prints from Millikan HS, and works from students at Vasquez HS from 2014-2015 “Art for Jack” events.  On display at the Relay will be a special oil painting of the Rocks donated for silent auction.  Proceeds benefit Jack’s Angels Foundation.




Matthew Yee, violinist

Matthew Yee, violinist

boys1An important part of Jack’s Angels mission is to support the arts for children in the local community in its efforts to raise awareness for the urgent need for pediatric brain tumor research.  What began as a small collection of art exhibits and some greatly appreciated young musical artists performances is growing into an annual children’s music and art festival in the SCV-Agua Dulce-Acton community held in May, brain tumor awareness month.   The “Art for Jack” 2015 Music and Art Festival for Children was held at the Sulfur Springs Elementary School MPR, on Sunday, May 3, 2015 from 1-5pm.  For more details, download our flyer here.

How “Art for Jack” began…


“Under the Sea” Collection from Agua Dulce Elementary


Etching by Kaylee Bosey of Paraclete High School, Palmdale CA

We believe in the healing power of art and music, especially for children.  This program was inspired by a gift from Peggy Marrone, art teacher at Agua Dulce Elementary School, in the Spring of 2012 when Jack was still alive.  We were planning a music fundraiser for Jack that July 14, and she showed up on our doorstep with some 65 beautiful paintings of watercolor and crayon, now entitled the “Under the Sea” collection, for the event.  Unfortunately, Jack entered the progression phase of the disease and we were not able to use the art at that time for the event.  However,  because of this gift, we were resolved to create an art event that featured children’s art as our organization’s first event as a public charity.  For more details, visit the ‘Jack’s Story’ page.

Our first event as an organization did just that:  Art for Jack, “Celebrating Children’s Art”, debuted Saturday, May 11 2013 at the Agua Dulce Women’s Club; as soon as our site is rebuilt, we’ll have the information and slideshow from the event.  Follow the link here to the Daily News.   The 2nd Annual Art for Jack event was held Tuesday, May 20th at the High Desert School in Acton.  the 3rd Annual “Art for Jack” will be a music and art festival for children May 3, 2015.  A visual re-cap of the 2014 event follows:

Art for Jack now has a small but spirited travelling gallery still looking for a home, prospectively to serve as an art gallery/coffee house/thrift and collectibles store that features primarily children’s art, and provides space for small events for the foundation.  Proceeds of  all “Art for Jack” events and fundraising activities benefit the DIPG research fund at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  Some of our collections are displayed here for your enjoyment:    [cincopa AQGAvOLQj9sb]

Professional Art:     Works from various artists; prints available in different sizes.  Call J.A.F. 661-977-3125 for pricing on original works if you are interested in a piece.   Prints from $15 donation and up, plus the cost of shipping; giclee canvas available as well.

[cincopa A4KAtMbiI5-w]

Agua Dulce School:     Spring 2012, the inspiration for ‘Art for Jack’, “Under the Sea” collection from grades K, 1, 5, Peggy Marrone, teacher.  Framed originals, prints, $135 12×18(artwork), $95  9×12(artwork size).   Prints from $15, 3 for $30, plus shipping.   framed1framed2 framed3 framed4








Vasquez H.S.:

Student artists submissions for ‘Art for Jack’ 5-11-13 from this high school in Acton, CA, special ‘Art for Jack’ and DIPG awareness project led by Paiz Carnewal, Art Teacher and Ty Devoe, Principal. For pricing on originals, framed or unframed, contact J.A.F. home office.

[cincopa AcOAuMrKnxJF]

Paraclete H.S.     Student artist volunteers for ‘Art for Jack’ 5-11-13 submitted works from this private school in Palmdale, CA.

Millikan H.S.      Student artists submissions for ‘Art for Jack’ 5-11-13, special angel block-print project led by Roberta Patterson of Millikan H.S. Long Beach.  Contact J.A.F. for pricing and availability of works, framed, unframed, prints.

Jack’s Young Artists:    Child artist submissions for “Art for Jack” and from the event 5-11-13.  Call J.A.F. for pricing and availability on originals, prints from $15 up, plus shipping.  Get 3 for the donation amount for 2 on all prints!




Angel Block Print

Angel Block Print


Millikan High School, Long Beach

A Fish for Jack

A Fish for Jack


Jio Park, age 4


Aman Glasgow, age 2 (Jack’s best buddy)

“Jack’s Young Artists”–various Child Artists who felt inclined to give to our Cause; gallery coming soon!!

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