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2019 Advocacy and Research

Jack’s Angels is completely volunteer driven with minimal but real overhead and expenses for advocacy work, as with any business of this nature.¬† ¬†All donations to Jack’s Angels benefit this mission:¬† Awareness and Research for DIPG, and Advocacy for Children with Cancer.¬† Special events disclose specific research projects.

Our continuing priority for research funding from local events remains the DIPG Research Fund at our local children’s research institution, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.¬† However, research donations may specify a preferred project.¬† For this we encourage contacting our Administrators at [email protected] after making your donation.¬† Thank you!

Targets for research 2019:

    • CHLA–DIPG research fund at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (our local children’s research institution)
    • MonjeLab–DIPG research at Dr. Michelle Monje’s lab at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA
    • Children’s Brain Tumor Project, Sloan-Kettering NY, Dr. Mark Souweidane
    • Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute (cc-TDI), Dr. Charles Keller, Scientific Director; Beaverton, OR

DIPG Research at cc-TDI:


NEWSFLASH!  Encourage your representatives in Congress to support the National DIPG Awareness Resolution designating MAY 17 as National DIPG Awareness Day!  How-to flyer

Jack’s Angels relies solely on the generosity of family, friends, and donors to continue its operating costs as a business entity and execute its mission. ¬†We believe in the creative power of our scientists and allowing for that is paramount to any major scientific discovery. ¬†Science is a collaborative effort that engages the intuitive intelligence also that lies “outside the box.”¬† Where developing drugs is very important, and their clinical trials, the study of nature–what she’s doing–and why, are equally important in the long-run. ¬†The missing link is determining causes and conditions. ¬†Massive data searches and analyses create jobs and cost money!–and create clues for research directions.

Activism for our cause comes with a price, as does everything involving human activity and commerce. ¬†We appreciate so much those who have made this possible for us… but it is finite, and we need and encourage new awareness and support. ¬†Thank you for considering it. ¬†Any amount is vital to our survival and we don’t take it for granted.

san1As President of Jack’s Angels Inc, I am very slow to get to all the ‘thank yous”¬†on my mind to send. ¬†Most of the time it is one person working, or my I.T. and media specialist volunteer saving us from losing our web-presence, as she has done and continues to do. ¬†Take a bow, Sandra Beck; you’re amazing and we love you!

Thank you for considering supporting Jack’s Angels.

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