Project ‘Angel Box’

“Let there be ART!”–for all DIPG children and families


Love for Lillian Grace

Pray for Chad Carr

We have seen the delight, joy, and togetherness that art brings to DIPG children and their siblings and parents. ¬†Jack’s Angels provides canvases, paints, paper, palette, brushes, and whatever other gizmos we have lying around to enhance a painting experience. ¬†It’s something that can be shared, and the fun of painting is something a DIPG child can enjoy even through progression. ¬†Also, the togetherness and meaning it brings the family is priceless, leaving a legacy of love to be enjoyed for life for those of us that remain. ¬†Lillian and Chad, pictured here, are still fighting DIPG, and their pictures are linked to their support pages.

Also included in the “Angel Box” is usually some other fun activity, such as a movie, for example, based on what we hear the child likes or learning the ages of the siblings, etc…, and a personalized handcrafted angel.

Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation

Project Angel Box needs sponsors!


“hearts from Jack”

Currently we are not able to send art supplies, but only the winged hearts and personalized angels that we make by hand. ¬†Overseas “Angel Boxes” are also limited to these items. We hope to update this with happier news, soon!

Not only do we wish to provide locally, for the children who go through Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, but to any family that contacts us who is confronted with the DIPG challenge. ¬†It’s one way we can make a difference ¬†while working hard to raise awareness, that there be more research to find the causes ¬†and solutions to this devastating condition.

Jack loved his magnetic erase board–and was a prolific artist; I wish we had had more of his art to keep. ¬†This was one of the things that inspired Project Angel Box. ¬†The beginnings of “Art for Jack” was similarly inspired.

Mark donation “Project Angel Box” to sponsor this program, or contact us for more¬†information. ¬†Thank you! ¬†I’m sorry to report that, currently all DIPG cases are terminal. ¬† I haven’t the heart to update this next part of the page…there are hundreds… ¬†Michael Mosier, pictured to the right above, passed away on May 17 of this year, leaving the Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation, accessible by clicking his picture.

my 7th birthday

my 7th birthday

ScanSadly, John Bradley Thompson passed away from complications of DIPG April 9th, 2014.  He was beloved by his family, community, and larger world community online.  We were blessed to have been able to send him the care packages.


NateNaithan Sizemore was also a recipient in 2013, and honoree of Jack’s (very) BIG Music Benefit 2013. ¬†Naithan passed away the morning of the concert, Sunday November 24. ¬†His memory will be cherished by all at Jack’s Angels.

A ribbon for each child¬†is always included in Jack’s Angels running¬†for DIPG awareness events and fun-runs. ¬†The ribbon’s color is the child’s favorite color. ¬†Any DIPG child may be included by contacting Jack’s Angels, and we would be honored to carry it.


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