Vesselon: Addressing the Challenges of Brain Cancer with Non-Invasive Technology

Rhodemann Li and Clayton Larsen, co-founders of Vesselon describe the unique blending of two technologies into one platform effectively solving the problem of the blood-brain barrier in treating brain cancer.  Using ultrasound and micro-bubbles, the future of pediatric brain cancer treatment could include a simple hand-held device enhancing the delivery of medication to the cancer, even the most difficult to treat diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.

Li an Larsen describe the pre-clinical investigations and the other tried-and-true clinical uses of both microbubbles and ultrasound in treating other areas of the body, for the heart, for instance.  This innovation for the challenge of the blood-brain barrier will be developed for treating not only brain cancer but Alzheimers and other neurological diseases.  The technology would allow delivery of medicine for large and small molecule treatments alike, including genomic therapy, enzyme, and immunotherapy as well as standard chemotherapy treatments.

Advocacy news includes the introduction of the RACE for Children Act, the STAR Act, and the National DIPG Awareness Resolution.  This technology newly developed to treat brain cancer is music to the ears of all affected by pediatric brain cancer, the leading cause of death in children with cancer.  Li and Larsen are currently engaged in finding quick solutions to bringing this technology to the market for expedient accessibility, and to support the development of new and hopeful therapies for clinical trial.

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