“Jaime’s Journey–Cancer from the Voice of a Sibling”, by Sharon Wozny


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Author Sharon Wozny shares with us her first book for children facing the difficult emotional challenges of having a sibling with cancer and the effects of this on the family. Inspired by her volunteer work with the Children’s Cancer Network in Chandler, AZ, Sharon describes the experiences she had as a teacher for 30 years and with the organization which helped her craft the book which is half story, half creative journal. Patti Luttrell, Executive Director of the Children’s Cancer Network, joins us to explain how this and other works of the organization help local families.   “Jaime’s Journey” can be purchased on Amazon.com, and there is more demonstrative information about it on this Youtube link.  Visit www.childrencancernetwork.org to learn more about the Children’s Cancer Network.

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