Remembering Super-Dylan: Remember Just to Love.

Eric David is writing a memoir about his son, Dylan David, aka “Super Dylan.”  For more information about the memoir, and why it is so important, please visit: 

Eric’s Facebook page:

Please visit his website for the full story of Dylan’s history; here is an excerpt:

dylandavidlove“In late July 2007, at age 5, our son, Dylan, had a malignant brain tumor removed at Cedars Sinai Medical Hospital, and then received chemo at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles until late February 2008.

He also suffered the equivalent of a stroke during surgery: he couldn’t eat, walk, talk or even sit up on his own. Lots of rehabilitative therapies have helped to recover most of those faculties, to an extent. The type of tumor is medulloblastoma, with a subtype of “anaplastic.” It is not hereditary, does not run in families, was not caused by anything we did in pregnancy or any time thereafter, and is not contagious. In the words of our oncologist, it was just “lousy luck.”

Medulloblastoma is the most common malignant brain tumor in children, diagnosed in about 400 children a year in the United States, with a survival rate of about 70 percent. The anaplastic subtype is more aggressive in nature, and has a lower survival rate.

Dylan has an older brother, Chandler, who has been affected by this tragedy as much as anyone.

After high dose chemo, checkpoint MRIs and spinal taps in October 2007, January, March, July & October 2008 were clean. However, a scan in January 2009 showed masses growing in Dylan’s spine: A relapse. A biopsy showed it to be a recurrence of the same kind of cancer, showing up as Leptomeningeal Disease, which is an even more grim prognosis, with a shorter survival curve. Dylan had two months of chemo and then six weeks of radiation that, because of complications, extended through mid-June 2009…” 

Why kids need #CancerMoonshot…


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