DIPG Across the Map

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Jenny Mosier, Executive Director of the Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation joins us to discuss a 50-State Project for DIPG, calling for volunteers in as many states as possible to work for a gubernatorial or state legislature proclamation for May 17 2017 DIPG Awareness Day. ┬áThe 2017 National DIPG Awareness Resolution will be introduced by Congressman Steve Knight (R-CA-25) in the US House of Representatives on January 30, 2017, designating May 17 also for a cohesive effort of Jack’s Angels Foundation with Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation’s DIPG Across the Map Project for DIPG Awareness. ┬áThe nationwide project has over 30 states participation so far; joining us also, from the perspective of a DIPG family currently battling the realities of the disease for their daughter Brooklyn, is Nicholas Smith of Ohio. ┬áKeren Beukema of California, who lost her son Vincent to DIPG last July in a swift and devastating blow, lends her perspective to the importance of the project. ┬áLawrence Fagan, a retired technology and medical researcher who learned of DIPG’s deadly existence through the experience of others, gives critical information regarding the importance of larger, collective awareness for the disease nationally.

We may be witnessing the critical point between suffering and the proactive movement towards a solution and the momentum necessary which needs no further case to argue for change. ┬áDIPG stands for itself, and makes a precedent-setting testimonial for the deadliest childhood cancers for which research has been, historically, neglected due it’s small numbers and silent constituency.

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