A Jog Around the Block for Brian Jones Becomes a National Sensation

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The Run for the White House is a grassroots movement of runners and workout enthusiasts all rallying with their personal brand of activism to support awareness for childhood cancer, using the social media platform of Facebook to share their activities and motivations.  Brian Jones’s mission  with the Run for the White House quickly emerged to be making childhood cancer research a national priority.  The rise of this movement which spans 2013 to present, was perfectly in the flow of the “Morethan4” movement and the growth of the annual CureFest event in September, and the nationwide effort to raise awareness for the gold ribbon for childhood cancer.  In the previous podcast to this, we explain that Amazon, just this year, is the first company to “Go Gold” for childhood cancer, dedicating 1 million plus boxes decorated with gold ribbons for children with cancer.  Just this year, the Run for the White House joined forces with MaxCure Foundation to increase its power to raise funds for childhood cancer research as well as being a powerful rallying point for thousands to raise awareness to the suffering that so many families must endure on a daily basis, and some forevermore as childhood cancer is the #1 killer of our kids in the United States after accidents and injuries.  We learn the history of this movement which anyone, absolutely anyone can join, its purpose, and the vision behind it, and its continuing inspiration.

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