Real Solutions for Research Funding: NC3 Leads in Pennsylvania

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Christopher Winters, President of NC3, the National Childhood Cancer Coalition, shares with us his work at the state level culminating 10/25 in the passage of HB46 in the Pennsylvania Legislature.  The bill creates the option for individuals to donate from their state income tax refund to pediatric cancer research.  In a less than ideal political climate, change is slow going for raising awareness to the urgent need for greater funding for pediatric cancer at the federal level.  Chris Winters isn’t waiting around for a national conversation; NC3 is finding solutions beginning at the state level, developing a formula of working which will hopefully be duplicable, to some degree, in other states.  NC3 Treasurer Jennifer Swatzer joins us first to discuss the victory and also the moving and powerful story of her son Collin, survivor of medullablastoma.

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