Childhood Cancer Caucus Summit 10th Anniversary Special Edition

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Thursday, Sept. 26 show features interviews with key individuals with important information about CureFest, the rise of childhood cancer awareness, and issues facing childhood cancer families today. The episode marks the passing of the 10th Anniversary of the Childhood Cancer Caucus Summit (9/19/2019), for which Congresswoman and Co-Chairman Jackie Speier (CA-14) shares her experience; Donna Speckard, producer of The Promise docuseries witnessed the beginnings of CureFest, and comments on progress made in our community since then. We also visit with Annette Leslie of the Carson Leslie Foundation, hosting the one and only “Golden Toast” event preceding the 2019 Caucus Summit, and Jace Ward, a 20-year old law student afflicted with DIPG, along with his mother Lisa Ward.

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