Creating Hope: Kids V. Cancer, Game Changer for Pediatric Cancer Research

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Today’s show features Nancy Goodman and Kids v. Cancer, the notable leader in childhood cancer advocacy and legislation in the United States. Nancy wrote the Creating Hope Act of 2012, which has created over $1B in funding for pediatric cancer research in the private sector with the Pediatric Priority Review Voucher program. We discuss also the Race for Children Act of 2017. Nancy lost her son Jacob to medulloblastoma in 2010 because there were no cures available for him, and she was uniquely driven to solve this problem.

Learn how these bills work, how you can support their ongoing contributions to changing the landscape of pediatric cancer research, increasing funding for cures for our children with cancer. Nancy also shares about Kids v. Cancer’s “Climb the Hill” days for children to advocate for their peers on Capitol Hill, a unique opportunity for young people to learn about participation in our representative democracy.

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