Goodbye Little Dude, with Rebecca Trotsky and Marie Smyth


 27 December, 2019


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Goodbye Little Dude is the remarkable story about seven-year-old Jonathan, his classmates, and a pet turtle named Little Dude. While Jonathan is unable to care for his beloved turtle on his own, Little Dude thrives and grows under the tender care of Jonathan’s classmates. Together, they all learn that kindness, hope, and love are part of saying goodbye.

The author, Rebecca Trotsky, gives us the background and details surrounding the creation of this special book with Marie Smyth, Jonathan’s mother, who both join us for the show. The manuscript laid in waiting for nearly two decades before it found its day, but Jonathan’s legacy, in a powerful metaphor with Little Dude, lives on in its life lessons for adults and hopeful comfort for children who have endured, or who are enduring in real-time, the pain of loss.

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