LIVING RESEARCH with Rachna Prasad and Jace Ward

Rachna Prasad

A Class of 2020 graduate from UCLA in anthropology, Rachna Prasad is a working on a Masters program in clinical research at the University of Zurich, living her dream and honoring the legacy of her brother Mithil, who lost his life to brain cancer. She also manages the Mithil Prasad Foundation based in San Jose where she is from, and is developing a podcast called “Hear The Rare”, devoted to exploring the science and treatment of childhood brain tumors.

Jace Ward

Present and partner to the beginning of “Hear the Rare” was Jace Ward, from Wamego KS, who joins us for the second half of the show; Jace is involved in an experimental protocol for DIPG that is projected to accept only 6 patients in its first year of operation. On this day, Nov. 5 Oncoceutics Inc. released an official statement regarding an exciting new trial for ONC201, a drug which helped Jace live with DIPG long enough to get on the experimental Carr T-Cell treatment he has just received, with which he is faring well. Jace and his family, notably his mother Lisa Ward, have accelerated the actions of advocacy in the space of pediatric neuro-oncology with their commitment to bring people and resources together to find a cure.

To download the podcast directly:

Visit Childhood Cancer Talk Radio”s podcast page.

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