Megan Bugg’s Legacy: The Mission Continues

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Today’s show features the story of Megan Bugg, an inspired and determined teenage girl who was a fierce advocate and unstoppable force for childhood cancer awareness and research. Despite the tragic and recent end to her physical life, her spirit lives on in her legacy and loved ones to whom she’s entrusted the continuance of her mission, to end childhood cancer through raising awareness and funding research. In that order, Megan’s never “why me” but instead “what I can do” philosophy of life kept her on track and successful in raising well over a million dollars for research and not resting until she was certain that her mission would be continued.

Megan’s father, Kent Bugg coming to us from Coal City near Chicago Illinois, and a personal friend of Megan and previous guest of this show, Leanna Headley with Our Amazing Fighters in Richmond Virginia, each give us a personal window into the life of this inspirational and unforgettable young woman.

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