Your Angels Are Real, with Barbara Anderson and Heather Murison

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Lily Larue Anderson was a dynamo of hope, light, and advocacy throughout her fight with DIPG, diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Her mother, Barbara Anderson, joins us to share her story and also to meet Heather Murison RN, a gifted intuitive healer and natural medium, where they allow us a window into a real-time transformative healing session.

The truth is, healing and growth from the loss of a loved one continues for life. For those of us who have lost a child to cancer–and there are many of us–we have created the “Your Angels Are Real” series to provide needed space for a spiritually inclusive platform where we can explore outside the confines of our 3-D world for greater understanding, consciousness, healing, and purpose.

In the true spirit of intuitive healing Heather Murison says it best, “If you feel like this is for you, IT IS for you…”

You can listen to “Your Angels Are Real”on Childhood Cancer Talk Radio live, every third Thursday at 4pm ET on


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