Site Reconstruction

Dear Friends,   (for news posts before Oct. 5 2014, click here.)

During a very busy 2 months where I’d like to keep everything well updated on this site, we’ve had to change equipment (new computer system), and then, 3 weeks later, completely change our website due to hacking.  For a few weeks the site was inaccessible by iphone, diverting the public to a porn app that was avoidable only by shutting down Safari and clearing cookies and history.  We apologize for this inconvenience!

During reconstruction, we are making all current programs and activities available despite the fact that the site isn’t fully finished and functional.  In fact, all news articles are still on the data storage site created for the switch.  We don’t have them here yet, but will continue creating the latest posts here with a link to the news blogs that have preceded them.

Thank you for your patience!  All inquiries may email

Sincerely yours,

Janet Demeter, site manager

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