Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 2015

header1Jack’s Angels is gearing up for a busy Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, September 2015!  At home, in Agua Dulce, our float in the Country Fair Parade September 19 will be full of angels raising awareness for childhood cancer and DIPG, locally, while our runner will be in Washington DC with angel wings and signs running for DIPG and childhood cancer awareness, and beginning the CureFest 2015 activities!  Our campaign for a National Day for DIPG is driven by the inequities in research funding for our children, for all childhood cancers.  We feel strongly that more awareness for DIPG, one of the most prominent terminal childhood cancers in the news this year–but still unknown because it’s almost never said–raises awareness for this larger problem, and can be a very strong ambassador for childhood cancer awareness.  To help Jack’s Angels visit our donation page or click here.

IMG_2708CCAW2Activities begin in Santa Clarita, CA with the Jack-Jack Memorial Run on Sunday, August 30th to herald Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and to continue our campaign for a National Day for DIPG.  Our runner wears angel wings with ribbons for DIPG children.

A week later, Sept. 6, there will be another run in Los Angeles, the Beach Run, followed by a run in Sacramento, CA 9/12, to celebrate the “Kids Ride Nationwide for Childhood Cancer Awareness” activism event at every State Capitol and the US Capitol in Washington DC–California’s State Capitol beginning at 9am.   Jack’s Angels director Janet Demeter will travel to Washington DC to visit with

Congressional Representatives and Departmental Personnel the following week ending in the CureFest event September 20th on the National Mall.  The journey itself will be the subject of a journalism project funded by Janet Demeter in the “Just Say It!” kickstarter campaign.BANNERJSI

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Sponsor miles to the Capitol

Jack’s Angels activities are supported by contributions and special fundraisers, such as the “Sponsor a Mile” program, which are in need of support.  Jack’s Angels currently has no underwriters and has survived through to the Fall only because of the charitable work of local youth groups, and we thank God for them!–there’s nothing more inspiring than children helping children.  Our booster t-shirts–$15– can be found at:, and you can sponsor running miles at: for as little as $10.

We appreciate our readers time and attention.  Thank you for your generosity of heart and spirit!  Remember, more than 4!  #Morethan4 #defeatDIPG  #JacksAngels  #4isnotenough #cureDIPG  #inspiredbykids #followJanet  #followDarlene


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