Michael Esposito: Niagra Falls leads the US for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

2016-02-24 2016-02-24 002 001

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CCTR interviews Michael Esposito, father of five, teacher, and basketball coach, the man responsible for connecting people in his town of Niagra Falls, NY which will witness the most prominent and powerful display of support for children with cancer this year, 2016. Baby Shawn with DIPG and his meeting Stephen Curry, the prospect of the NFL going gold for a week in September, Go 4 the Goal, PUNT, and Neal Rourke’s 2000 mi bike ride from Niagra Falls to Key West with TRF.org are all part of the discussion around the big event on September 1st in Niagra Falls. Updates on livestreaming for the September 1 event will be available at jacksangels.org.

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