“Talking Advocacy” with Danielle Leach

Today’s guest, Danielle Leach, gives the childhood cancer community helpful information about advocacy, being a parent of a child with cancer, bereavement, experience with the non-profit health industry, and more practical advice for parents. There are many ways to advocate; you don’t have to go to Washington and talk to Congress to be a strong advocate for children with cancer. We learn about Mason, the enduring inspiration for the continuation of her work. Danielle Leach is Sr. Adviser of Advocacy and Government Relations with St. Baldrick’s Foundation, one of the United States most successful cancer charities with regard to funding childhood cancer research. Danielle is also the co-Chair for the Alliance for Childhood Cancer, one of our country’s foremost advocacy organizations. Her son, Mason, who succumbed to brain cancer in 2007, is her enduring inspiration.

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