National Cancer Institute’s Office of Advocacy Relations: A Conversation with Patrick Mahoney

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Childhood Cancer Talk Radio interviews Patrick Mahoney from the Office of Advocacy Relations (OAR) at NCI.  The March 16 discussion included a brief history of the National Cancer Institute, it’s role as a scientific research institution as well as resource of support and direction for millions afflicted with cancer.  “We want people to contact us…let us know their greatest concerns to better represent public interests in cancer research..,” he sustained, sharing examples of public input affecting research and eventual solutions where there had previously been none.  Host Janet Demeter ensured the conversation included the “dreaded” 4% issue–gladly addressed by Mahoney, bringing to the forefront the current challenges in medical research and also the recent efforts of advocates which have had a definite impact on the course of research and the importance of pediatric research at NCI, keeping the discussion to a collaborative and jovial spirit, and an optimistic outlook for pediatric research at NCI.  The National Cancer Institute remains the greatest contributor to the field.

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