Presenting: ENDURE, with Jay Korff

Emmy award-winning journalist Jay Korff of WJLA Washington DC joins us to talk about his new documentary film just released, Endure, featuring “Tattoo Tom” Mitchell and his crew taking on the challenge of the Tahoe 200 ultra-distance trail race in support of childhood cancer awareness. The runners’ odyssey is punctuated by the personal stories of several childhood cancer victims and their families, exposing the reality which so many face on a daily basis.

Tom Mitchell and his crew’s commitment to these children is personal. Tom runs for specific children each mile; he lost his own daughter to cancer, and crew members each run to overcome the seemingly impossible grief from which there is no escape, ending in triumph and catharsis for all participants.

Jay describes his own personal journey in creating the film, his relationships with the different families, and how he became committed to helping the cause. He shares with us his hope that the film’s impact on the general public will be proactive in its effect, ultimately making a difference in policy.

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