Steven and Angie Giallourakis and the Steven G. AYA Cancer Research Fund

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Two-time cancer survivor Steven Giallourakis joins us with his mother Angie to share their experience which inspired the Steven G. AYA Cancer Research Fund in Avon Lake, Ohio. Angie Giallourakis is President of the organization which has programs in wellness, education, research and advocacy for young people with cancer.

“AYA” is an anacronym for “Adolescents-Young Adults”, a patient population faced with unique challenges including inadequate research funding, poor prognosis rates, and lingering medical issues for survivors.

Angie’s work has developed strongly into an exploration of healing and holistic living and wellness practices for patients and their families, while Steven and his advocacy for young people with cancer remains the inspiration and driving force of their organization.  Steven lives with the same challenges facing many other survivors; his experience speaks to the importance of the STAR Act and other similar pieces of legislation needing greater public awareness and support in Congress.   Candidly, Steven shares with us some of his own personal experiences with loss which inspire him on a daily basis to fight for other young people with cancer.

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