Research Edition #3: Hepatoblastoma and the Foundation for Addie’s Research

After months of frustrating ER visits for high fevers, Adelaide ‘Addie’ was diagnosed in November 2015 with Hepatoblastoma, a rare pediatric liver cancer; it was just four days before her 2nd birthday. Addie fought a fast-spreading disease with grace; she shared her contagious smile and joyous spirit with everyone she met, even during the most difficult treatments. Her parents, Christina and Cody Stiverson, join us to discuss their experience and the progress of the Foundation for Addie’s Research, currently funding a project for hepatoblastoma at Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute.

We hear first from Dina Kats, researcher and project leader at the Institute. Before joining the team, Ms. Kats received her bachelor’s degree from UCSD and her Masters in Biology from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. During her time at Northwestern, Dina focused on developing a tuberculosis vaccine using nanoparticles. In her own words, “I am excited to continue research that will help impact lives with cc-TDI!”

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