Dogs Prove to Be Kids Best Friend, with Dr. Bernard Seguin and Ulrike Szalay

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According the the Genomics Institute, 84% of dog DNA has human counterparts, so we suffer many of the same diseases, including most cancers. Dogs have a higher incidence of certain tumors which are considered rare in children. By studying these tumor types in dogs, we can learn a great deal about these devastating cancers, while also helping canines to beat their cancers.

Our first guest is Dr. Bernard Seguin DVM, surgical oncologist and Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology at Colorado State University with a focus on osteosarcomas and limb-sparing surgery. He shares with us the high rate of cancer incidence in our canine friends, and how the specialized research for dogs is helpful to pediatric oncology.

Ulrike Szalay, President of Canines ‘n Kids Foundation in Virginia joins us during part II to share about her passion for translational research, and the shared unmet need of adequate research activity and funding for both pediatric and canine cancers.

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