Sara’s Cure Has Hope with CC-TDI’s Lissett Bickford Ph.D.

Sara’s Cure is a grassroots, race-against-time campaign focused on funding critical research to find a cure for Clear Cell Sarcoma. Lissett Bickford, now with Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute, a non-profit biotech company in Beaverton Oregon dedicated to eradicating childhood cancer, earned her PhD in Bioengineering at Rice University in collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Center where she developed rapid nanoparticle-based assays for cancer detection. Lissett’s long-term career goal is to make significant contributions in translational medicine by examining limitations to current practices and designing feasible studies and technologies to address these limitations. Episode 4 of our research series investigates how the parent-led organization of Sarah’s cure, with Sarah’s parents Lennie and Denny Woods, works with cc-TDI to find solutions for clear cell sarcoma.

Lissett Bickford, project manager for clear cell sarcoma at Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute, Beaverton OR

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