A Voice of Hope, Caring, and Leadership, with Jessica Elder and the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation

Jessica Elder, LMSW, LCSW-NY has been the Bereavement Program Manager at Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation for 11 years. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA she acquired a Master of Science degree in social work from Columbia University in 2004, and spent 5 years working as a pediatric oncology social worker in an NYC Hospital. She then earned a post graduate training certificate in child and adolescent psychotherapy from IPTAR in NYC. In 2009 she began her role as Director of Patient and Family Support for CBTF in 2009, focusing on bereavement when she moved to Arizona in 2011. While working in AZ, Jessica also managed a child development program focused on prevention and education for three years. When Jessica had her first child in 2014, she continued to work part-time for CBTF.   Jessica is also the author of a children’s book which was published in 2020, and currently lives in Scottsdale, AZ with her husband, 4 children and rescue dog while working part-time for CBTF.  She is still running the bereavement chats for the childhood brain cancer community on facebook, and now a group for DIPG parents in conjunction with the Marc Jr. Foundation.  Click here for podcast.


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