Tracy Ryan: Saving Sophie, Helping Find Real Cures for Kids with NKORE

When Tracy and Josh Ryan’s daughter Sophie was diagnosed with a low-grade brain tumor at just 8 ½ months old, they knew they had to take action. Their wellness journey began when Tracy’s family became a featured family in the Ricki Lake produced Netflix documentary, Weed the People. This led the Ryans to become leading trailblazers in the use of cannabis for pediatric disease through their brand CannaKids, and their global advocacy efforts. 

Through Tracy’s partnership with world-leading cancer research scientist in the field of Natural Killer Cells, Dr. Anahid Jewett, she helped drive groundbreaking research for Sophie, and in the use of cannabis for cancer. 

Because of this relationship, NKore BioTherapeutics was born; an immunotherapy company that has cancer therapeutics and diagnostics backed by 30-years of research led by Jewett. The goal of this company is to bring low to no toxicity therapies to market that fix the problem that allowed cancer to form in the first place by replacing a failed NK Cell system with their Supercharged Natural Killer Cell™ therapeutic. 

In addition, now 8 ½ years after Sophie’s diagnosis, she is the first patient in the history of the world with this type of disease to receive a cutting edge Natural Killer Cell immunotherapy consisting of her own father’s activated NK Cells. And, for the first time in almost 6 years, her disease is shrinking and dying all throughout the tumor with great optimism that once and for all, they may have finally figured out how to “Save Sophie”.

Text provided by Tracy Ryan


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