YOUR ANGELS ARE REAL 1st Edition, “Hearing From Lucy” with Raegen Sieck and Heather Murison

Today’s show marks the beginning of our Spring-Summer 2022 Series, “Your Angels Are Real,” every third Thursday, where I’ll be interviewing a number of gifted intuitive healers of a wide variety of experience and use of different healing modalities. Today’s show, “Hearing From Lucy” features Heather Murison, Registered Nurse and intuitive healer in a side-by-side interview with Raegen Sieck, looking to hear from her daughter Lucy, and seeking development of her own intuitive gifts for personal healing.

Lucy was afflicted with DIPG, a deadly pediatric brain cancer, perishing less than 2 years ago. The knowledge and experience shared here is purely elective with the “Your Angels Are Real” series; practitioners are professionals, or professionals in training; the information shared is elective and we do not suggest bypassing sound medical or psychological care.  Our aim is to enlarge the healing paradigm and access to help, and to create an allowing space for spiritual experience and learning with an all inclusive ideology which acknowledges the reality of angels, guides, crossed-over loved ones, and an all inclusive concept of God as a validating influence.

This edition’s gifted healer Heather Murison has worked as a nurse mostly with children with complex medical needs, including 12 years in oncology with bone marrow transplant children.  Her conscious journey of self-discovery began 26 years ago; she is trained in Reiki, Geotran, Integrated Energy Healing and Theta Healing.  She is a natural born medium, teacher and energy worker specializing in transformation and transition, and is currently studying with Corin Grillo in the Angel Alchemy Academy. 

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