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Santa Clarita 6/5/2014 1:17pm–Today, through the efforts of California State Assemblyman Scott Wilk, a resolution has passed to declare a DIPG Awareness Week in the State of California.   Respectfully, the statistics exposed regarding DIPG incidence are perhaps the most conservative, and notably DIPG comprises roughly 10-12% incidence of pediatric brain tumors according to the Oxford Journal of Neuro-Oncology 2012.  However, DIPG is responsible for 80% of pediatric brain tumor deaths annually in the US.  Many pediatric cancers have been marginalized as rare, but this one, among others, occurs with a distinct periodicity, and presents an important case for the urgent need for research.

We are infinitely obliged to Assemblyman Wilk for his efforts to raise awareness for this deadly disease, incurring decidedly one of the worst possible prognoses according to pediatric neuro-oncologists.  With over 30 years gone by with no significant progress as to DIPG’s terminal nature, it is time to put some needed human resources to finding better solutions for DIPG.    ACR151

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