Creating HOPE: Nancy Goodman


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CCTR interviews foremost advocate for children with cancer, lawyer, and mom to Jacob, forever 10, 2009, Nancy Goodman. ¬†Nancy brings us news of the RACE for Children Act, a reform of the Pediatric Cancer Research Equity Act or PREA which she champions, and it’s to go to both House and Senate 7/14/2016. ¬†Nancy is a true problem solver in her can-do approach to lassoing the pharmaceutical industry with incentives to support and fund pediatric cancer research. ¬†In her work, Nancy appeals to the intrinsic goodness of people who truly want to help children with cancer, yet are strapped by the system. ¬†In “finessing the system”, solutions are found that support other proactive missions to prioritize pediatric cancer research. ¬†Also, inside news of the Washington DC Moonshot Taskforce Summit, and that Washington will host the first Pediatric Moonshot Summit, which was news to all of us. ¬†Good will, hope, and information on the 2016 Curefest and Summit for the Congressional Caucus for Childhood Cancer are featured.


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