September 1–Go4theGoal at the Golden Niagara Falls

You heard it here, first!  President Barack Obama’s 2016 Childhood Cancer Awareness Proclamation.


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CCTR interviews Beth Stefanacci and Carina Trenka of Go4theGoal, a dynamic support organization for children with cancer based in Cherry Hill, NJ, and one of the beneficiaries of the historic “Golden Steps for Pediatric Cancer Awareness Walk.” The walk led by Baby Shawn who is a local young hero in Niagara Falls, NY, currently battling DIPG, commemorates the momentous occasion of the Niagara Falls “going gold” for childhood cancer awareness. Go4theGoal helps kids with cancer achieve their goals, supports cancer families, and also supports local institutions which care for children with cancer.

Midway through the show, our host received a notice from the Office of Science and Technology Policy with the following attachment:  2016childhoodcancer.prc.rel  President Obama’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Proclamation 2016 had just been signed, and it was read on the show.

In our final segment we were joined by “Driven Change”, Childhood Cancer Awareness activist more than half-way through his 50 state journey.

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