What If Your Child Lives When Expected to Die?

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No matter how much time one may have with a child diagnosed with terminal cancer, the stresses of life can be extreme. Natalie Avila was diagnosed with DIPG, a common yet deadly pediatric brain cancer just before her third birthday. She was given 3-6 months to live, yet she is still with us at 3 years! The joy of this life is overshadowed by the reality of DIPG. Less than one percent survive past 5 years, and when the tumor activates once more, it’s growth is swift and merciless. It is a constant shadow of fear for the family.

And then, imagine your integrity being questioned, the validity of your child’s condition when to an uninformed onlooker, the disease is not noticeable. Imagine having your reputation dragged through the mud amid extreme financial difficulty and the rejection of community.

Natalie’s father tells it like it is; look for “Natalie’s Road Trip” fundraiser on our Facebook page in coming days to support quality time for this struggling family, through Jack’s Angels Foundation.

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